Which is stronger, bleach or pool chlorine for a pool?

Answer On One Hand: Both Use the Same CompoundBoth bleach and liquid pool chlorine are solutions made from the chemical compound sodium hypochlorite, or NaOCl. Sodium hypochlorite is a highly unstable sal... Read More »

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Is bleach the same as pool chlorine?

Bleach contains chlorine, the chemical used to chlorinate your pool. However, it only has a concentration 5 percent chlorine, whereas chlorine tablets from the pool supply store contain 12 percent ... Read More »

Can I add chlorine bleach to my pool?

On One Hand: Household Chlorine Bleach, Pool Chlorine IdenticalRegular household chlorine bleach is identical to pool chlorine, just less expensive. The amount of chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) in ... Read More »

Is pool chlorine and bleach the same?

Bleach and pool chlorine contain the same active ingredients but at different concentrations. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, household bleach is a 5.25 percent sol... Read More »

How to Use Bleach for Chlorine in a Swimming Pool?

Household bleach can be used as an inexpensive substitute for pool chlorine. Pool chlorine uses a chemical reaction to kill the bacteria in your pool water, and the active ingredients that do the j... Read More »