Which is stronger Flexril or Methocarbam?

Answer Well I have taken Flexril, and it did help my painful arthritis, a wee bit. But, I have it so bad now, I absolutely have to take pain medicines! And haven't taken Flexril in many years! Since, befo... Read More »

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Which is stronger: 3/4 plywood or mdf?

On One Hand: Plywood Is Extremely DurableA piece of 3/4 plywood is extremely durable and long lasting. The strength in plywood is in its number of veneers; the more veneers that are in the plywood,... Read More »

Which is stronger, EDT or cologne?

On One Hand: More Fragrant Oils in EDTChemists create nearly any liquid fragrance by combining alcohol, water and various amounts of essential oils to give it a characteristic scent. According to ... Read More »

Which Weld Is Stronger: MIG, TIG or Arc?

To connect a Mac computer to a Windows computer, you will need to create a small computer network. A few pieces of hardware are necessary, but there is no additional software required. If you can u... Read More »

Which is stronger: tylenol or aleve?

On One Hand: Tylenol Cures PainAceteminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, is a pain reliever and fever reducer. For pain relief, the drug actually dulls pain directly, providing fast relief.O... Read More »