Which is stronger Flexril or Methocarbam?

Answer Well I have taken Flexril, and it did help my painful arthritis, a wee bit. But, I have it so bad now, I absolutely have to take pain medicines! And haven't taken Flexril in many years! Since, befo... Read More »

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Ultraman mebius stronger or ultraman hikari stronger?

Is an old or new egg stronger?

Strength is a factor in grading eggs, and there is no credible evidence that it changes as the egg ages. That said, the composition of an egg changes after a few days. Gases escape and air enters, ... Read More »

How can I get stronger than I already am?

Take weightlifting trust me you will be stronger in no time

Who is stronger?

Haha- wow, from the looks it appears that the second may be, but just because someone has bigger muscle doesn't mean they're stronger- some skinny pplz may be able to lift as much as, say, hulk hogan