Which is stronger: 3/4 plywood or mdf?

Answer On One Hand: Plywood Is Extremely DurableA piece of 3/4 plywood is extremely durable and long lasting. The strength in plywood is in its number of veneers; the more veneers that are in the plywood,... Read More »

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How does bamboo plywood compare with ordinary plywood?

I work at Dixie Plywood in orlando florida. We are a pretty well known lumber supplier and my boss knows waay way too much about differnt types of wood and the benefits of each. We can special ord... Read More »

Ultraman mebius stronger or ultraman hikari stronger?

Why use plywood?

The fact that plywood consists of fibers ("the grain of the wood") that are laminated in successive layers orthogonal to one another (i.e., at a 90 degree angle) gives it tremendous structural stre... Read More »

How to Buy Plywood?

Plywood is a widely used wood product great for outdoor construction. Here's how to buy plywood.