Which is spicier..........?

Answer BEEF!

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How to Make Your Ramen Noodles Spicier?

Ramen NoodlesRamen noodles are like a blank paint canvas; you can do so much to them and they always end up looking (or tasting) great. If you have ever wanted to make your ramen noodle eating expe... Read More »

Does Refigerated curry paste get spicier the longer it sits.?

It shouldn't, it is said that the more you cook it the milder it becomes.I have never tested that theory though, I am not game enough to test.Dune

Which is better HD DVD or Blu-Ray Which will win the war Which would you buy and why?

Will it is way to early to say who is going to win. When VHS & Beta were at war, it took 9 yrs to figure out who declare the winner. Remember history always repeats it self. Since Paramount Picture... Read More »

How do they determine which questions a hard and which are easy on game shows?

you have to have married parents and at least two siblings