Which is smaller, wma or mp3?

Answer WMA (Windows Media Audio) files are smaller than MP3 files. Even though the files are compressed three times as much as MP3 files, Microsoft claims WMA files retain the original quality.Source:Stre... Read More »

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Which person looks like to have a smaller bone structure which person looks the smaller clothes sizes?

Ok person 1 looks like they have a smaller bone structure because her legs, arms, and shoulder area looks smaller but person 2 looks like they wear a smaller size because they just look smaller eve... Read More »

Who discovered the quarks which are smaller than protons?

In the year 1963 American physicist Murray Gell-Mann and Russian born physicist George Zweig independently proposed that a proton was not a fundamental particle. A proton instead is composed of thr... Read More »

Which is the smaller wire size for a nose ring: 18g or 20g?

The smaller wire for a nose ring between 18g or 20g is the latter. 20g wire is smaller and lighter in construction than 18g. As far as size is measured in wire gauges, the smaller the number, the l... Read More »

My lazy eye which is my left eye is so much smaller than my right eye?

It sounds like you have other problems besides amblyopia. If that is your present diagnosis and the eye is visibly different than the other, your doctors need to reconsider.