Which is safer: voltaren or salsalate?

Answer On One Hand: Voltaren has Some Serious Side Effects.Voltaren can increase a person's likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke. According to this risk becomes more severe the longer ... Read More »

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Which is safer to do?

If you're leaving it in the keyhole on the inside of the house, it'd be safer because if someone has copied your key they wouldnt be able to insert the key into the keyhole from the outside.But obv... Read More »

Which is safer: traverse or pilot?

The 2009 Chevrolet Traverse and the 2009 Honda Pilot are crossover SUV's with many striking safety similarities. Both received the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) highest r... Read More »

Which is safer facebook or myspace?

I prefer Yuniti ( ) it combines the best of both facebook and myspace, and has its own kool new things. It's customizable yet simple and easy to use. Plus it has the most safety f... Read More »

Which is safer: airsoft or paintball?

On One Hand: Paintball Is a Very Safe SportPaintball has evolved into a very safe sport. Facial protection is readily available at all paintball stores and is quite affordable. Paintballs themselve... Read More »