Which is safer: airsoft or paintball?

Answer On One Hand: Paintball Is a Very Safe SportPaintball has evolved into a very safe sport. Facial protection is readily available at all paintball stores and is quite affordable. Paintballs themselve... Read More »

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Is airsoft safer than paintball?

On One Hand: Airsoft Pellets Softer than PaintballsAirsoft guns shoot plastic or foam pellets while paintball guns project balls encased with runny paint. Paintball guns are designed to shoot at a ... Read More »

Is an airsoft BB gun a paintball gun?

Airsoft guns are not the same as paintball guns. Airsoft guns shoot small plastic pellets called BBs, while paintball guns shoot paint-filled balls that explode upon contact. Airsoft BBs are also s... Read More »

How to Be Stealthy in Airsoft, Manhunt, Paintball?

Tired of being cannon fodder in a game of manhunt paintball or Airsoft? Follow these steps and we'll get through this soldier! By the time you're done, you will be just like Solid Snake. This is mo... Read More »

How to Do the Bounding over Watch in Paintball or Airsoft?

The bounding over watch is a tactic used by the armed forces today, including Delta and SEAL teams. It works great in paintball and Airsoft if you are trying to get your team better trained. To per... Read More »