Which is really better, Dish or Cable Please tell me your reasons also, thank you.?

Answer It really depends on what you like to watch. Forget about all the weather comments as it's not an issue. Sure it can down sometimes but it has to be POURING to lose the signal. When I had cable ... Read More »

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I'm thinking about switching from cable to Dish Network. If you have Dish Network, please tell me if it's good?

if you like watching the same thing over and over, plus the price and taxes will eat you alive, i act foolish and signed a two year contract, that was a big mistake, now i'm stuck with something we... Read More »

I am Bored to DEATH. Please tell me your ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE So i can watch it and thank you :)?

Which is better, your audio from a optical cable or a hdmi cable?

Digital is digital; as long as the signal is getting from one end of the cable to the other, it's as good as it can be. Many people here are are confusing a digital audio signal with an analog aud... Read More »

Please tell me which TV is better CRT or LCD?

LCD TV is better. No questions. What's your budget and what size of TV are you looking. There are several LCD TV models in Sony, Samsung, LG and Sharp in India. You can check some of Sony and S... Read More »