Which is most unattractive - crooked teeth or yellow & stained teeth?

Answer I can handle crooked, sometimes that just can't be helped, we don't get to choose which way our teeth grow in all the time.But yellow and stained are the worst. This implies a hygiene issue, and th... Read More »

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Are crooked teeth unattractive to you?

Don't worry. When I was 8 i had a huge space in between my front teeth..the size of my index finger. It took 4 years to get small but when i was 12 there was a space. a little smaller than my pinky... Read More »

What would you assume about someone who has yellow or stained teeth?

It's not my place to make presumptions about anyone else.

Can coffee cause yellow stained teeth?

On One Hand: Known Cause of Stained TeethAccording to the American Dental Hygienists' Association, coffee is one of the leading causes of yellow, stained teeth. Other dark, high-tannin products lik... Read More »

What Foods cause Stained Yellow Teeth?

The most common sources of stains from foods are:- tea, coffee, cola products and red winenon-food stain results from, but the list is not limited to: tobacco, plaque, tartar (especially OLD plaqu... Read More »