Which is more valuable, a charriol or a concord watch?

Answer On One Hand: Concord Can Be PriceyPhilippe Charriol and Concord watches are luxury timepieces that share similar monetary value with entry-level models. Charriols start at about $700 with the avera... Read More »

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Which is more valuable in coin collecting: P or D?

Determining the value of a "P" or "D" mint mark on a coin depends on the date with which the coin was marked. Which mint is used more varies throughout years. For example, a "D" mark on a coin from... Read More »

Which is more valuable: 10k gold or 14k gold?

The higher the karat, the more gold is in the metal; therefore, 14k gold is more valuable than 10k. A 14k piece is 58.3 percent gold, whereas 10k is only 41.6 percent gold.Source:Federal Trade Comm... Read More »

Which TV network do you watch the most ABC, CBS, NBC, or FOX You can choose more than one, none or all 4.?

Are rubies more valuable than diamonds?

Value, in the jewelry industry, is equated to rarity. According to the Minerals website, only a completely transparent ruby is more rare than a diamond. Rubies that display any impurities are consi... Read More »