Which is more valuable: 10k gold or 14k gold?

Answer The higher the karat, the more gold is in the metal; therefore, 14k gold is more valuable than 10k. A 14k piece is 58.3 percent gold, whereas 10k is only 41.6 percent gold.Source:Federal Trade Comm... Read More »

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Why is Gold So Valuable?

Gold is valuable primarily because a lot of people believe it is. Gold's value is a cultural phenomenon. Its price is determined by a complex combination of factors but not necessarily need. Cultur... Read More »

What happens to the gold in the stomach when we eat Gold Dosa, the recent novelty of Dosa wrapped in gold foil?

Nothing happens. The gold used is incredably thin and has very little strength so the gold is broken into tiny fragments during chewing and digestion. If the gold is 18 to 24 carot then it will not... Read More »

Are the pins in computer processes really gold, or are they just gold plated?

That depends. Now-A-Days they are only gold plated for cost reasons, thats why components are now priced cheaper. Back in the day, processors & such were made of 24 carat gold & were expensive. Whe... Read More »

In what year did they stop making the Olympic gold medals out of pure gold?

According to, the final medals made entirely of gold were presented in 1912. Gold medals of today are 92.5 percent silver with an accompaniment of gold plating. Medals from the 2010 W... Read More »