Which is more stable: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?

Answer this is a Very common question but the true answer is Google Chrome is JUST as stable as any other browser!! It all depends on what websites you go on and if you use a Anti-Virus. I have never got... Read More »

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Which is better Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox?

i fell in love google about 10 years ago or so, at that time i had to access google through another web site (netscape was one of them, i think) because google was just a search engine, not a brows... Read More »

Which is better: Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox?

Firefox by far. Firefox has tons more features. I tried Google Chrome, then removed it. I would never allow Google Chrome to be on either of my four computers. Internet explorer and Firefox are the... Read More »

Which is the best browser to use, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.?

Google Chrome.It's so fast , it's brilliant.

Which is better browser, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla is safer and has a lot more features, but if you like speed and a cool interface, then Google Chrome is AWESOME!