Which is more sanitary, bar soap or body wash?

Answer On One Hand: Contaners Keep Body Wash CleanGerms can live on bar soap. Body wash, as an alternative to bar soap, is a relatively recent phenomenon in the shower, and many consumers believe that bec... Read More »

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Bar soap or body wash?

How to Make Body Wash Out of Bar Soap?

Using bar soap to make body wash is a thrifty way to save money since shower gels typically cost more than solid soap. It will also reduce your impact on the environment because you can recycle a p... Read More »

How to Turn Bar Soap Into Foamy Body Wash?

Want to turn normal bar soap instantly into foamy body wash while in the shower or bath?

How to Make a Body Wash From Soap Slivers?

After using a bar of soap, you are left with a sliver of soap that is hard to use. Instead of throwing this small piece of soap away, save it and any others that you have to make a creamy liquid bo... Read More »