Which is more reliable; Mirror or Camera?

Answer First to clear the wrong concept - Mirror doesn't reverse the image. If it did you'll be seeing yourself upside down. It's just that you are seeing yourself from the front and so it 'appears' rever... Read More »

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Is EBAY reliable buying a camera...?

Always check the sellers percentage rating! I never buy unless they have at least a 97% and only then if they have thousands of feedback. Usually if the seller has alot of feedback then they have... Read More »

What is a cheap reliable video camera?

well you just have to look around and especially in the Sunday ad's but if your in need one of right away i would start looking at walmart.

Reliable, good value beginner's SLR Camera?

cant go to far wrong with canon slrs or kodakbut if your looking for cheap another good make is fujifilm, theres are closer to £100 where as canon is more like £300-£400

Can anyone recommend a cheap but reliable CCTV camera?

Hi "PCnoob": First, as for reliable brands, Swann (Australia/US/Hong Kong) and Lorex (US) are popular consumer-friendly lines here in the USA and elsewhere, and X10 Ltd has Scottish roots (with for... Read More »