Which is more reliable; Mirror or Camera?

Answer First to clear the wrong concept - Mirror doesn't reverse the image. If it did you'll be seeing yourself upside down. It's just that you are seeing yourself from the front and so it 'appears' rever... Read More »

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Mirror or camera, which one shows the truth more?

Mirror.It's exactly how you look.A camera is not the same as looking into a mirror because some people look better in cameras and some dont.When someone says that they are photogenic meaning they t... Read More »

Which is a more reliable tv brand out of Toshiba or Samsung?

i really trusted samsung so much until i bought a camcorder made by them. it never lasted a year. On the whole I hate to admit but i think they are better than Toshiba

Which is more reliable Wikipedia or Yahoo Answers?

Absolutely, Wikipedia. Yahoo Answers could be easily manipulated to help someone gain points, laden with spam and defamatory content that is hard to remove, such as the answer at http://answers.yah... Read More »

Which site gives more reliable Tips for shares?

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