Which is more powerful 12.5hz or 50hz?

Answer Neither... or both depending on how you view the issue. 12.5 hertz or 50 hertz are not measurements of power or energy. They are measurements of frequency. 12.5 hertz reverses the flow of electron... Read More »

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Will a 230V 50Hz appliance work on a 240V 60Hz supply. In Canada we have 240V 60Hz and European kitchen appliances are made for 230V 50Hz. Can you use an EU fridge oven cooktop dishwasher microwave?

It depends on the appliance; some motors rely on the mains frequency of 50Hz to operate at the correct speed so changing to 60Hz might cause problems. It's probably best to check the manufacturer's... Read More »

Video conversion better with more less powerful cores or a few more powerful ones?

File conversion is better with 100 slow cores!Good luck!

How powerful is the most powerful pain killer?

Actually, morphine was used for sawing off the legs.Many soldiers became addicted so much so that morphine addiction was called "army's disease".Heroin was invented to get people off morphine and n... Read More »

Which is the better choice A LCD 100hz or LED 50Hz?

50 is fin in some cases the hogher the worse just go by what it looks if you need the 50$ then just get the 50hz and i own. 60hz and is wonderful no problem at all probly one of the best tv ive eve... Read More »