Which is more painful in your opinion?

Answer To me pain is pain. I worked in psych a very long time & many in emotional pain have corresponding physical pain also.I also worked in physical medicine & saw many in terrible physical pain end up ... Read More »

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Tattoo havers, which is more painful, in your opinion, a tattoo on your wrist or your ankle?

I have both. I must say that the wrist one wasn't pleasant when the artist got close to my hand, but it also wasn't unbearable. My ankle tattoo didn't hurt much at all.Now, if you're a "tattoo new-... Read More »

Yahoo or Google Which is more helpful, in your opinion, and why?

Google for search engine.Yahoo for other good services like messenger,mail and answers.

Praying Mantis Ladybugs or Ants Which insect is more helpful in your opinion?

You can't miss with ladybugs for controlling aphids. They can consume up to 50 to 60 aphids per day. As a horticulturist, I have used ladybugs to help control leaf hoppers, scales, mealy bugs, thr... Read More »

NOT suicidal just curious on your opinion: What do you think the least painful way to kill yourself is?