Which is more important human life or animal life?

Answer There's no debate - the answer is human life - but we should also be compassionate towards animal life.

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Why do people say: ''vegans value animal life over human life''?

For a couple of reasons:They are stereotyping.They are attempting to create conflict.They are ignorant of the spirit of veganism.Don't get me wrong. There are several vegans that post here in VV th... Read More »

How important is animal life to you?

I recently saw pictures of a Hurricane Katrina animal rescue. I saw houses that were destroyed, and next to the house, would be a dog, tied to a steak.... It made me SICK. Thinking of it now brin... Read More »

Who is more important in a preschoolers life parent or a teacher why?

This is a complex question. The parent is ALWAYS the child's first teacher, and the home environment is the one the child is most likely to model him/herself after. Sometimes the home environment... Read More »

How herbaceous plants improve human life more efficiently?

No, you can put plastic in the microwave which would melt in the oven and metal dishes are oven safe but can't be used in the microwave. Glass works in either.