Which is more green: cedar or treated lumber?

Answer On One Hand: Treated Lumber is Green in ColorFor those who are looking for lumber that is green in terms of color, treated lumber is the right choice. Pressure treated lumber is sprayed with chemic... Read More »

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Can you paint green treated lumber?

Yes, you can paint green treated lumber. You must wait for the treated lumber to dry completely before painting; this can take several months. The labels of certain paints, primers and stains state... Read More »

What is in treated lumber?

The chemicals used as preservatives in treated lumber depend on when the lumber was manufactured. Prior to 2004, chromated copper arsenate (CCA), which contains chromium, copper and arsenic, was mo... Read More »

Can I use treated lumber for a birdhouse?

When building a birdhouse, choose a wood that hasn't been treated. You cannot use treated lumber for a birdhouse because when it gets wet, it will emit vapors that will poison the birds.References:... Read More »

When can you seal treated lumber?

On One Hand: Treated Lumber Can Be Sealed EasilyPressure-treated lumber, already permeated with chemicals to make it weather- and bug-resistant, can be further protected by applying an outdoor wood... Read More »