Which is more advisable.. Windows Vista or Windows XP?

Answer Use XP

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Which is more suited for a college student: a Macbook or a notebook PC with Windows XP or Vista?

I'm a college student I have a toshiba laptop and it's amazing!a little heavy though....go with XP. everyone I know who has vista has hated it and went back to computer came with XP but is v... Read More »

Which is better, Windows Vista Ultimate or Windows XP?

Win-XP is far more stable and user friendly. Win-Vista has been nothing but a headache to use..

Which is better windows vista or windows xp plz explain why?

Technically, Vista is supposed to be better as it has evolved from windows XP. That means they improved XP to make Vista.But practically, Vista takes up much more space, needs higher system require... Read More »

Windows vista or windows xp which is better?

Windows Vista is better since for the days and years to come it will be improved to a stable operating system Windows XP has become - together with all the feature it has.To go further is to pave w... Read More »