Which is more accurate: a beam-type or click-type torque wrench?

Answer On One Hand: Beam-Type Accuracy and AdvantagesAccording to, the beam-type torque wrench is simple and accurate for both left- and right-hand threading. This type of wrench does not... Read More »

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Which type of diabetes is more common?

There are three types of diabetes: Type 1, type 2, and gestational. Each type affects the way the body processes blood sugar. Although each represents a serious health issue, type 2 diabetes is the... Read More »

What is the most popular type of ice cream Which type is your favorite?

Which type of TV would you buy: Plasma, LCD or the new LED type Why Pros and cons?

I already own a Panasonic Plasma TV and absolutely love it! Picture quality is the best i've seen thus far! Everybody that comes over to my house says that they can't believe how clear and beautifu... Read More »

Which Type of Papers Call for More Voice in Writing?

While you will be using "voice" in all of your academic writing, some papers will require a personal voice. Narrative essays, biographies, fiction, poetry and opinion pieces all require a strong p... Read More »