Which is lighter on resources: Beryl, Compiz, or Compiz-Fusion?

Answer I suppose they are as light as you make them to be. If you are using minilal effects, they should be light.Only a guess.. I haven't used any of these.

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Why are there black borders in compiz-fusion?

Help with Compiz water effect?

Here is a tutorial on how to configure the Compiz Water Effect…LUg.

Does Compiz work on a Dell Latitude c600?

Compiz will work if the Dell Latitude c600 uses a "Unix-like" (Linux) OS or an X Server, but not Windows or Mac. Compiz is a user interface (UI) or compositing manager used in conjunction with the ... Read More »

Can you run Ubuntu's Compiz Fuzion special effects from the Live CD without installing?

I don't think so as the graphics drivers need to be installed with Ubuntu 7.10, however I do know that you can run Compiz Fusion straight from the Linux Mint 4.0 Live CD as the drivers are preinsta... Read More »