Which is larger. A KB or a GB?

Answer KB Stands for Kilobyte, and GB Stand for a Gigabyte would be bigger than a Kilobyte. The standard size progression is: 1024 bytes (B) = 1 Kilobyte(KB)1024 Kilobytes = 1 Megabyte(MB)1024... Read More »

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How the passive 3D TVs that have larger horizontal viewing angle different from active 3D TVs that have larger vertical viewing angle and which one is better?

All televisions are different so if you are choosing a new television, particularly a 3D model, check that the viewing angles in your own room will work with the television you are considering.It's... Read More »

Which one is larger, 160 gb or 6.5 gb?

160. Have you even learned math or were you some kind of uneducated hobo when you were growing up?My brother could tell when he was 4 FRICKIN YEARS OLD.

Which is larger: a brigade or a battalion?

In the military, a brigade consists of approximately 1,500 to 3,200 troops. A battalion, on the other hand, is comprised of only 300 to 1,000 troops. Therefore, a brigade is significantly larger th... Read More »

Which is larger: Premier, Inc. or Novation?

Novation, LLC is a larger company than Premier, Inc. Premier, Inc., a medical supply contracting company, has 745 employees working for it. Novation, LLC is a health care supply chain management fi... Read More »