Which is hotter?

Answer using the Scoville Unit Heat Scalehabanero is 100,000 to 350,000 unitsand chiltepin is 50,000 to 100,000 unitsso habanero is much hotter

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What is hotter?

Girls with long straight hair are hotter by far. A little bit of "body curl" towards the ends still qualifies as "straight". Look at all the women from TV and movies that guys say are beautify, a... Read More »

Who is hotter and the same age?

How to Get the Air Hotter in My Car?

There are few things on earth as miserable as sitting in a freezing car. When the air blowing in from your heater is closer to 40 degrees than 70, it can be really uncomfortable, and it can also co... Read More »

Who is hotter...?

Johnny Depp - there seems to be more depth to him. He's able to play a variety of roles. Channing seems to be pegged into the bad boy/dancing guy type of roles and seems to be less flexible.Plus, J... Read More »