Which is good led monitor to buy in 6000 to 7000Rs range?

Answer AOC i2352Vh and BenQ EW2730V are good cheap monitors.

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Which is good led monitor to buy in 6000 to 7000 range?

It depends on what size you want your monitor, you might be able to find a 20 inch monitor for less then $125 (refurbished or used). Some highly reviewed and popular LED monitors that are less than... Read More »

How do I adjust the monitor brightness on a Dell Inspiron 6000?

Adjust monitor brightness on the Dell Inspiron 6000 by pressing the function key while clicking the up or down arrows. Pressing the up arrow increases brightness, while using the down arrow decreas... Read More »

LCD PC Monitor - out of range?

The computer you are trying to attach the monitor to, has a resolution set that is not supported by the monitor.If you get this message even after the PC has been restarted, then you will have to ... Read More »

Why does my monitor say out of range?

Dear Dakota,It could be the resolution, you might need to set down the refresh rate, when it's to high the screen will turn black and your monitor could get damage. Start with 60 and go up, about t... Read More »