Does ice melt faster in cold water or cold air?

Answer If you place ice cubes in cold water or leave them out in air of the same temperature, the ice cube in the water will melt faster. This is due to the water particles hitting the ice particles and c... Read More »

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What Is a Way to Get Over a Cold Faster?

There may not be a cure for common cold but there a number of natural remedies and health practices that can speed recovery.

How can i get over my cold faster?

take a niacin pills and sweat your cold out :) It works great for me. I usually don't have a cold for more than a day (a few hours to realize it, then the rest of the day for the pills to work). ... Read More »

How do you get rid of a cold faster?

i have a cold aswell.. just take it easy, drink juices and water and try to take it easy. taking vitamins wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Does hot or cold freeze faster?

Hot water can freeze faster than cold water, although certain conditions such as exact water temperature and impurity levels in the tested water can greatly change the outcome. This effect, called ... Read More »