How to Be Correct by Not Being Politically Correct?

Answer Do you feel that media is forcing a certain--"too restrained"--politeness (or im-politeness by redefining) terminology on you? That would be/is definitely wrong of the people who attempt to coerce ... Read More »

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How to Get an Automatic and Correct Flash Sight Picture and an Automatic and Correct Sight Picture With P&S?

P&S is a natural, fast, and accurate shooting method that can be used to get an automatic and correct Flash Sight Picture + an automatic and correct Sight Picture for each shot, and regardless of w... Read More »

Is it correct to use cannot?

The two spellings of "cannot" and "can not" are often interchangeable, but the most commonly used form is "cannot." Use "can not" if you want to be emphatic. In addition, Merriam-Webster lists "ca... Read More »

Is it possible to get a BFP that's correct so soon?

i just want to say, congrats on finally being blessed with your bfp and you are truly a story to pass on that even after 15 years their is hope, thank you for sharing this and giving the longer ttc... Read More »

Which is correct: an MBA or a MBA?

In English, an "a" is placed before words beginning with consonants and "an" precedes words that begin with a vowel. In some cases, such as with MBA, the article is based on how the word is pronoun... Read More »