Which is colder, boiling Oxygen or Hydrogen?

Answer The boiling point of Oxygen is measured at -183 degrees Celsius. At a much lower temperature, Hydrogen is the coldest of the two non-metals with a boiling point of -252.87 degrees Celsius.Source:Ox... Read More »

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Does boiling water generate hydrogen&oxygen?

Boiling water does not generate new hydrogen and oxygen. The boiling is simply a state change from water's liquid form to its gas form, steam. The only difference between these two states is that t... Read More »

What is the boiling point of hydrogen?

The boiling point of Hydrogen is -252.87 degress Celsius. In other scales of measurement, the point is 20.28 Kelvin and -423.17 degrees Fahrenheit. Hydrogen is a nonmetal with an atomic number of 1... Read More »

What is the hydrogen bonding boiling point?

Whenever hydrogen bonding is present in a substance, the melting and boiling points of that substance are greatly increased because of the strength of the intermolecular attractive force created by... Read More »

What is the melting or boiling point of oxygen gas?

Oxygen is normally a gas at room temperature and pressure, becoming a liquid at -297.31 degrees F (-182.95 degrees C), known as the boiling point. Oxygen becomes a solid at -361.82 degrees F (-218.... Read More »