Which is closer uterine or agnate siblings?


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Are agnate and uterine real brother and sister?

agnate sibling: are the one that share the same father but not the same motheruterine sibling: are the one that share the same mother but not the same fatheri think that agnate slibling are far par... Read More »

Is it true that sisters become closer after getting married while brothers become distant from his siblings after getting partner or getting married?

What is an agnate sibling?

A half brother or half sister sharing the same father is an agnate sibling. Those half siblings sharing the same mother are called uterine sibling.

Possible Uterine cancer please help?

I went through this myself a year ago. The primary symptom of uterine cancer is bleeding after menopause, particularly in women over 60. Fortunately, the bleeding happens early so the cancer or p... Read More »