Which is bigger 10 metres square or 100 square feet?

Answer "10 metres square" usually means an area 10 metres by 10 metres. This gives 100 square metres, and this is much bigger than 100 square feet. However, even 10 square metres is a bit bigger than 100... Read More »

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If a room measeres 15 feet by 14 feet how many square metres is that?

How many 16X16 square feet tiles do you need to cover 315 square feet?

178 Tiles If the square footage is the actual room size you add 10% for wastee

How many 12x8 square feet tile will it take to cover 200 square feet?

Your question needs a better understandinga "square foot" is any shape that calculates to 144 sq inchesa "Foot Square" would be a specific shape 12"x12" tile which also equals 144 sq inchessince a ... Read More »

How many 8 x 8 square feet ceramic tile will it take to cover 64 square feet?

As 8 feet x 8 feet = 64 square feet it will only take one 8 feet by 8 feet tile to cover 64 square feet.