Which is better....wikipedia or knol?

Answer Doubtless there are Isolated brilliant essays on Knol which could never appear on Wikipedia, but Wikipedia has reliable information on a vast array of subjects, while Knol is an interesting start u... Read More »

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Is knol better than wikipedia?

Not just anyone can get a Knol account, at first Google will only be letting qualified people to create articles for Knol (such as professors, doctors, writers, etc). I do dislike that Google will ... Read More »

Which is better HD DVD or Blu-Ray Which will win the war Which would you buy and why?

Will it is way to early to say who is going to win. When VHS & Beta were at war, it took 9 yrs to figure out who declare the winner. Remember history always repeats it self. Since Paramount Picture... Read More »

What do each of the 8 wires in an Ethernet cable 'do' (functions) And which ones do which?

Well I will try to make this very simple. Cat5E is just a category of cable. if my memory serves me correctly, the latest category is Cat6. I'm not sure what the AWG is but the 4-pair means there... Read More »

In your opinion, which car company makes the nicest and which the ugliest vehicles?

i think hyundais/kias are the ugliest...some of them look like mutants, like that kia luxury car...the nicest i'd have to say is cadillac. throughout the years i've always loved their style. Same w... Read More »