Which is better..hd, plasma, or an lcd tv?

Answer Plasma will have a better picture in every case except one. The new Sharp LCDs, but only the ones that come out of the brand new Kamayama2 factory are fast and black! That's been the trouble with L... Read More »

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Plasma TV or LCD TV Which one is best and which one's life is very long ?

LCD or Plasma Which is better If you had $1000 to spend which one would you get?

Plasma. Panasonic has released a great new screen that has up to twice the life of an LCD. It has a better viewing range, meaning the angles you can see the screen are greater than an LCD. Also,... Read More »

Which TV is better LCD or Plasma and which one is good Sony, Samsung Etc.?

They both have there pro's and con's, it really depends on your needs. You can find a guide here:…That should tell you everything you need to know. Your on... Read More »

Which one lcd or plasma which tv guys?

All are out dated now. i go for LED TV and waiting for OLED. why still LCD ? Plasma ? LED TV is on the market now.* but if are looking for 37 inc and below, only LCD. . if you want Big and cheap 55... Read More »