Which is bettergoogle chrome or firefox?

Answer I would install both. Here is my browser experience:Some websites (even from major companies) use browser-specific features. You may not be able to participate in something important like chatting ... Read More »

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Which do you prefer, firefox or google chrome and why?

I like how Firefox is laid out and how it works. FF has bugs right now to work out, but I tried Chrome and it's tabbing didn't work right for me. I had YahooAnswers on only the second tab and I cou... Read More »

Which is the safest Google Chrome Or Firefox?

Google Chrome, in my opinion is quicker and better to use but I find firefox to be safer. Theyre both good.

Which one is good-firefox or google chrome?

1. Firefox is an old and stable browser while Chrome is relatively new and untested.2. Chrome is more space efficient compared to Firefox.3. Firefox consolidates all tabs into a single process whil... Read More »

Which is better: Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox?

Firefox by far. Firefox has tons more features. I tried Google Chrome, then removed it. I would never allow Google Chrome to be on either of my four computers. Internet explorer and Firefox are the... Read More »