Which is better...Facebook or Myspace?

Answer 1 - It's all personal preference, really.#2 - Facebook is safer in my opinion. Myspace is mostly filled with preteens and young teens, perfect for pedophiles. Facebook used to be exclusively for co... Read More »

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Which is better myspace or facebook, I want to join but which one?

Facebook by a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong shot.Myspace is horrible.

Which one which one facebook or myspace?

MySpace because I like to fix up my profile with awesome backgrounds

Which myspace pic?

I like the first one because you can see your whole face. Very pretty. The second one has artistic appeal but I don't like that it cuts your face in half.

Which is better: Facebook or MySpace?

Facebook. It's so organized, and you can really express your creativity and yourself.