Which is better yahoo,or google . or better!?

Answer Google is so much better.The results are more accurate.They are sorted based on popularity, not ad revenue.Yahoo puts those that pay more towards the top.Google search is built into Firefox and Saf... Read More »

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I think Google search is better than Yahoo. But which one really is better?

Definitely Google.Google was the first search engine to come around and it has literally all the sites on the internet.Since then, all these search engines like Dogpile, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves...etc. Ha... Read More »

Yahoo or Google - which is better? iz bettter

Google or Yahoo Which one is better?

Google. They are fully user friendly. What we think is in their webpage without go to anywhere. Their help pages are also very good. I like most of the Google products.Google:SearchGmailGtalkBlogge... Read More »

Which is better 'Yahoo vs Google'?