Which is better white or black ipod touch?

Answer Both are good.

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Is it better to buy a white iPod touch or a black one?

Black or White Ipod touch?

The white iPod touch is the best. The first thing is that the black one is I think, 1 year older than the white one. Second thing is, the white iPod looks very good. And don't worry about the front... Read More »

White OR Black Which iPod Touch 4G colour is best in LOOKS ?

The white one is the best. It looks very good. I would recommend the white iPod touch 4th generation.

Is the white apple ipod touch Cost more money than the black ?

The white and black are the same price. He might be looking at two different iPods where the black one is an older model (like a black iPod touch 3) and the white one is a current iPod touch 4. If ... Read More »