Which is better testim or androgel?

Answer On One Hand: Androgel Verses TestimAccording to the National Institute of Health, a study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of Androgel to that of Testim (testosterone replacement treatmen... Read More »

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Can I use Testim at night?

On One Hand: Applied in the MorningsTestim is a gel prescribed to boost testosterone levels. The manufacturers recommend that you apply the drug to your body in the morning. The drug is not to be a... Read More »

Is androgel an hgh?

AndroGel is not the same as HGH, or human growth hormone. AndroGel is a prescription drug that is a form of testosterone. It is given to men who, because of advanced age, injury, or disease, cannot... Read More »

What is androgel used for?

AndroGel is a prescription topical testosterone replacement medication. It contains testosterone identical to your body's natural testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy is used to help rest... Read More »

Does AndroGel help baldness?

On One Hand: AndroGel Can Increase Hair Loss in SomeAndroGel is a topical androgen steroid treatment used by men who have a lack or absence of endogenous testosterone. Androgen production in men is... Read More »