Which is better: sea salt or kosher salt?

Answer On One Hand: Sea Salt Has a Distinct FlavorSea salt is made when sea water is evaporated. This ingredient is treasured for its flakiness, crunch, and distinctive flavor. Sea salts from different pl... Read More »

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The Difference Between Kosher Salt & Kosher Salt Flakes?

Kosher salt comes in two varieties: crystals and flakes. It's not unusual to be confused, and many cooks don't know what to do with the two different types. The term "kosher" can add to some of the... Read More »

Will kosher salt work as a pickling salt in making sauerkraut?

Pickling salt is recommended for making sauerkraut because it does not contain iodine, which is found in regular table salt. The addition of iodine or other anti-caking agents may react negatively ... Read More »

How much Iodized salt should I use instead of Kosher salt for brining chicken breasts?

The same amount as it will make very little difference.If you are a bit concerned about the saltiness whichever you use you can use a little less. I tend to go by eyeDune

Can you use kosher salt for a salt water colon cleanse?

Why do you need a colon cleanse? Was it recommended by your doctor? If not check first.