Which is better raid 1 or 5 for recovery of a hard drive failure?

Answer Honestly, if you have to ask this question, then I would suggest you simply stick to a 2-drive RAID 1 array with regularly scheduled backups. It most likely will provide all the protection against ... Read More »

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Re-installing Windows 7 onto a new Hard Drive and setting up my PC as a RAID system?

Well backing up and restoring your data from one disk to the other is kind of out of the question.You're moving from a 500GB Disk to a 120GB disk.. Consider how much disk is already in use.Also, wi... Read More »

Does a new hard drive need a recovery disk?

If you are installing a new hard drive and plan to use it as your main system drive, you will need a recovery disk or a Windows installation disk in order to install an operating system on the driv... Read More »

External Hard Drive Recovery?

This kind of problem happens more frequently on removable devices, and is generally called "format error". Possible reasons:â–ºThe device is too old and can be corrupted with time went on. As you k... Read More »

Hard Drive Recovery Tools Information?

Your hard drive can fail for many reasons. The most common ones are viruses, corrupted partitions or files, and system errors. If your hard drive fails, you might be able to recover the information... Read More »