Which is better raid 1 or 5 for recovery of a hard drive failure?

Answer Honestly, if you have to ask this question, then I would suggest you simply stick to a 2-drive RAID 1 array with regularly scheduled backups. It most likely will provide all the protection against ... Read More »

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Which is a better Internal Hard Drive to buy?

Either no 2 or no 4. Obviously, No 2 has a larger cache size, and being smaller also, it will be faster in loading, seek and fetch cycles...but there is only a three dollar difference in getting t... Read More »

Which is a better format for camcorder, hard drive or Dv cassette?

Both formats are useful... the Hard Drive format is faster and easier to load into the computer... but you need to make an archive copy of everything that you record in case you loose your computer... Read More »

Re-installing Windows 7 onto a new Hard Drive and setting up my PC as a RAID system?

Well backing up and restoring your data from one disk to the other is kind of out of the question.You're moving from a 500GB Disk to a 120GB disk.. Consider how much disk is already in use.Also, wi... Read More »

Rotational speed 5400 vs.7200 rpm which is better when shopping for a hard drive?

You can easily get an 2 tb hdd for 6,000 to 10,000.Inside the hard disk is a disc(Like cd,a little bit thicker),which rotates rapidly(its rotation speed is the rpm),and an reader\writer replaces th... Read More »