Which is better (polaroid question)?

Answer Not much difference here because the 600 and Time Zero films these cameras use is no longer manufactured. The 600 is newer and a bit more versatile because of the film's higher ISO, or it would be ... Read More »

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I have the Flip and the Polaroid video cameras, which is better?

You own both so use them for what they are good for. Congratulations on the purchase !

Sound Bar Question - Which One is Better?

Of the two the Vizio is order to attach a sound bar to an HDTV it needs to have optical in connections (not all do) also HDMI is helpful for Blu ray...also the number of drivers is goo... Read More »

Which polaroid picture quality is better the instax mini 8 or instax mini 25?

Hi Chelsey,You should get the Instax 25 because it has variable shutter speeds(1/3 - 1/400). This means you get better pictures in dark circumstances and with a moving subject.The Instax 8 has only... Read More »

Poll and Question: Which is better Facebook or Myspace?

safer: facebook by farcollege friendly: facebook by farpopularity: facebook by farbetter: facebook; the only good thing about myspace is that you can edit your homepage, but you can't do that on fa... Read More »