Which is better place to live - rural or urban?

Answer Urban: more opportunities & advantages exist you can always go visit rural anytime you desiretry living somewhere that combines both and get the best of both worlds (suburbia)

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Do most people in Japan live in rural or urban areas?

Approximately two-thirds, or 66 percent, of Japan's 129 million residents live in urban areas, according to statistics released in 2008. Tokyo, Japan's largest city, contains roughly 10 percent of ... Read More »

What's a very rural place in Ireland to live?

Well I'm from Kerry so that's what I'm going to suggest. Many beaches and towns but there's a lot of green and bogs. Great county I think!

What is the rural-urban fringe?

The "rural-urban fringe" includes suburbs, farms, factories, "green space" and "ex-urbs" in all combinations and proportions. This geographical intersection of metropolitan areas and farmlands ofte... Read More »

Urban vs. Rural Egyptian Land?

Egypt's use of land is determined by its access to clean water. The entire country spans 400,000 square miles, but almost all of the population and cities are grouped around the Nile. The annual fl... Read More »