Which is better phone an android or windows?

Answer Android. The pros: Very customizable. Open source operating system is easily changed, hacked, manipulated, and molded to fit whatever functionality you had in mind. Your friend definitely has one t... Read More »

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Can you install Windows Phone 7 OS on a Samsung Vibrant phone to replace Android 2.1?

Impossible, its like asking can my DVD player play Blue ray. But what you could put on it is windows mobile, like the HD2 has, since both phones are practically the same.

What's diffrent between windows phone and android phone?

A windows phone runs a OS created my Microsoft, with it's limitations and sometimes expensive APPsA Android phone is more open source and you will find more open/free apps created by everyone.Do yo... Read More »

Can you install android on a windows phone 7 phone?

Android phone or windows?

Windows phone are not stable in the market right now, there are a lots issues with windows phones, and above all no scope of customization. But android opens the whole world of apps for, u can make... Read More »