Which is better or more user friendly: Myspace or Facebook ?

Answer on myspace you could meet more people&in facebook you usually talk to people you kno.i prefer myspace since people cud add you witout knowing ur last name&its more fun.:D

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Which is better @ getting more friends --- myspace or facebook?

Facebook, it is so much easier, you don't have to spend your life on creating a cool profile and when you are in college you will want a facebook, and you can decide who can view your profile, you ... Read More »

Which HD camcorder is a better value and user friendly?

If you want a good HD camera within a decent price range. Check on the Kodak Zi8. I have that one and it does beautifully. You can change between 1080p, 720p 60FPS, 720p 30FPS, and SD videos. It ev... Read More »

Facebook or myspace, which is more popular?

Officially, MySpace ( ) is more popular (has more users). But Facebook ( ) has been getting a lot of buzz lately.Yuniti ( ) has also been ... Read More »

Which is better "Facebook" or "Myspace" ?

Privacy...honestly Myspace. Everyone thinks its unsafe. But in facebook you have ur full name, school, work, and age! In myspace all u have is a picture!Myspace is more fun because you can create u... Read More »