Which is better: optical or rca cable?

Answer On One Hand: Optical for 5.1 or 7.1 SoundRCA cables are analog and can provide stereo audio at best, which consists of two channels: one for the left speaker and one for the right speaker. Optical ... Read More »

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Which is better, your audio from a optical cable or a hdmi cable?

Digital is digital; as long as the signal is getting from one end of the cable to the other, it's as good as it can be. Many people here are are confusing a digital audio signal with an analog aud... Read More »

Which is better optical cable or HDMI?

Optical is a audio connection cable. The HDMI is a HD audio/video cable.

What is the difference between the coaxial cable & the Optical cable, and whats better for a surround system.?

Optical transmits audio information in the form of a beam of light, digital coax uses an electrical impulse. There are differences, and you'll hear arguements for and against both, but they are so ... Read More »

Are optical cables the best for sound or is there a better cable?

Actually optical (TOSLINK) is, at best, only as good as digital coax (the electrical version of SPDIF). It's sensitive to bending, prone to jitter (timing errors) and also rapid signal drop-off unl... Read More »