Which is better on the overall htc legend or iphone 4g?

Answer yes its available on the app store now

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Which computer overall is better?

Let's see. Both slimline. Upgraded anything but ram is a royal pain, so, like buying a laptop, what you see is what you get. It takes a mid-tower to make upgrade easy. These are minimal systems for... Read More »

Between these two builds, which one is better overall?

There both actually Quite good Builds .The AMD build is the one i would be looking at .I am quite impressed by that build .The Intel build is ok but for your needs i would definitely go for the AMD... Read More »

Which site do you find better overall Yahoo or google?

Personally I don't like either that much (prefer either or for search engine facilities, Lycos for email), but like google the least - everything they produce seems just... Read More »

Should I buy an iphone 4 now or wait for the iphone 5 PS I have the 1st gen iPhone so i wanna new phone but w8ing seems better because they keep releassing new models every year which is annoying?

Depends, if you really want the iPhone 5 then you should get it if you don't mind spending more money on it. I'd wait.