Which is better: no sleep or one hour of sleep?

Answer On One Hand: Napping Has BenefitsThe National Sleep Foundation says that taking a short nap can reduce the effects of sleeplessness and improve mood, alertness and performance. Taking a short nap o... Read More »

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Is it Better to Have Two, Four Hour Sleep Cycles Than One Eight Hour Sleep Cycle?

A principal scientist conducts qualitative and quantitative research to improve existing products, enhance scientific processes or discover new products. The scientist may work for a research insti... Read More »

Is it better to have two 4-hour sleep cycles than one 8-hour sleep cycle?

On One Hand: Biphasic Sleep Demonstrates AdvantagesIn 1996, the Center for the Study of Sleep and Waking at State University of New York, Stony Brook, conducted a study on a form of biphasic or bim... Read More »

I can't sleep because the withdraws of Percecet, I can't sleep, how can I sleep better?

Learn relaxing techniques, deep breathing, stretching, laying flat on your back in bed and listening to each breath and feeling your heartbeat and blood flowing through your body. Concentrate on y... Read More »

Is it possible to get less sleep but better quality sleep?

The Best way to get Quality,Restorative Sleep is to REALLY SLEEP That is possible by doing a few Simple Things---First, If you are sick take the proper,Prescribed Pain Killing Meds an Activation pe... Read More »