Which is better: nicotine or marijuana?

Answer On One Hand: Disease and DeathNicotine is a drug found in tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco. Nicotine is the main component of tobacco products that makes them addicti... Read More »

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Will nicotine show up on a drug test for marijuana?

If the test is just for weed then all the test should detect is THC, the active ingredient in weed. Nicotine showing up on a weed test is like a metal detector finding a piece of wood in your pocket.

Is the Nicotine Patch or Gum Better for Women?

Dogs---being perpetual 3-year-olds---love treats as much as kids. These biscuits are a quick and healthy treat for canines. Store-bought treats are expensive and in most cases unhealthy, contributi... Read More »

Do you think nicotine patches work or is it better going cold turkey?

Cold turkey... its a harder, but much quicker journey

Which cigarette has the lowest tar& nicotine?

On One Hand: Doral And Winston Ultra-Light King Soft PackAccording to the Boston Globe, the cigarettes that have the lowest amount of tar and nicotine on average are Doral And Winston Ultra-Light K... Read More »