Which is better: hardwood flooring or pergo laminate?

Answer On One Hand: Hardwood is Solid WoodIt's beautiful and durable. As the Floor Facts website says, it's natural, non-allergenic, and adds value to a home. It can be sanded if necessary, so it has a l... Read More »

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Can Pergo laminate be installed over old hardwood flooring?

Yes, you can install Pergo laminate flooring over old hardwood flooring, as long as the old hardwood is flat, sound, clean and not sloped. The old hardwood must meet all the Pergo requirements as a... Read More »

When did Pergo invent laminate flooring?

Pergo invented laminate flooring in 1977. It was the first company to bring this style of flooring to the United States. Laminate flooring is not solid wood and you install it by snapping or gluing... Read More »

Hardwood Flooring Compared to Pergo?

Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between a hardwood and Pergo floor. However, the two are distinctly different, as a Pergo floor simply is made to look like a wood floor where a hardwoo... Read More »

Is Pergo laminate flooring made of wood?

Eighty percent of Pergo laminate flooring is composed of wood chips. Pergo uses by-products from spruce and pine trees, and does not use any wood obtained from rain forests or exotic wood.Source:Pe... Read More »