Which is better: granular or liquid chlorine?

Answer On One Hand: Granular Chlorine For Deep WaterThe Harford County Health Department in Maryland recommends granular chlorine for deeper bodies of water. Granular chlorine is 70 percent chlorine, whic... Read More »

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How do i add granular chlorine into a pool skimmer?

Measure the granular chlorine into a plastic bucket in a well-ventilated area with no wind. Follow the recommended chemical amounts per the instructions on the package. The dose depends on pool siz... Read More »

Should a hydroseeder use granular or liquid fertilizer?

Liquid or granular fertilizers works in a hydroseeder. Liquid fertilizer works more quickly than granular fertilizer, but is also very expensive when it's needed to cover large areas. Granular fert... Read More »

What Is the Difference of Liquid Chlorine vs. Gas Chlorine?

Gas chlorine exists at room temperature, with a yellow-green color. Liquid chlorine forms under cooler temperatures, and has an amber color. Liquid chlorine is used to purify water and make househ... Read More »

Is liquid shock the same as liquid chlorine?

According to, liquid shock is the same product as liquid chlorine. The pool industry uses the terms interchangeably. You can use the liquid as part of regular pool maintenance to rid... Read More »