Which is better for you monster or red bull?

Answer Haha I am a skater and a little of a BMXer and I know it`s"cool' for guys like me to drink that stuff but honestly, Redbull, Rockstar, Monster, etc. They all taste the same and do the same to me.

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Which one is better red bull or monster?

RED BULL Because it gives you wings Bye \(^•^)~

I drank an 8.4 oz can of red bull a 16 oz can of monster and 18.6 oz of monster the dub edition?

you need to stop drinking them and find an alternative. you are crashing because of all the sugar content in them. Monster alone has 27 grams of sugar. sure it makes you feel good for a little u... Read More »

Which is better Monster M1000CV component video cable or Monster THX Ultra 1000 Component Video Cable?

The problem is that Monster refuses to release technical specs on the coax or RCA jacks they use so we cannot really compare how much better or worse each cable is.Monster brags about exotic gasses... Read More »

Energy drink. Monster or Red Bull?

Monster all the way. There are a lot of flavors, and I really love the White Russian Java [any of their java flavors, actually], even though I can't find it anywhere any more D: