Which is better for my printer genuine ink cartridges or refilled one?

Answer genuine

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Which is better printer - 2 ink cartridges or 4 ink cartridges?

absolutely 4 ink cartridges. if an ink cartridge can hold 20 ml of ink and you have one cartridge with 3 colors, you are lucky to get 6 ml of each color (it's probably less). So already you're star... Read More »

Can I use refilled cartridges in my Canon MX410 printer, or will the printer know and won't work?

Refilling cartridges are simple enough, but at times refilled ink cartridges may work, but mostly not. Most printers will not recognize refilled ink cartridges, once the ink is exhausted, the chip... Read More »

My dad refilled his ink cartridges and now the printer is junk?

ALL printers today have chips in the cartridges. But epson is still the best bet because you can use special refillable cartridges, as I am, and refill yourself for under 50 cents.Epson wins for be... Read More »

Can HP C3180 printer cartridges be refilled?

HP C3180 printer cartridges can be refilled with black or color ink. Remanufactured HP C3180 printer cartridges are refilled and sold online. Refill kits for the HP C3180 are also sold online for a... Read More »